Our story

Meet Our Founder


I'm Nassim and I'm the founder of theelegantrug.com. I was born and raised in Morrocco. Growing up as a kid, I was always fascinated by arts, paintings and interior designs. For me, the journey didn't just start like that. 

Here's my story

After several years working in the sales and communication departments of big multinationals in Morocco, I decided to quit my job and follow my passion. It was a tough decision as I thought to myself if it wasn't too late to make a switch.

However, everything took a great turn when I visited the Atlas mountains with my family. There, I discovered how women weave Berber rugs in their homes. I fell in love with the art and all I could think of was how to preserve the art and share this masterpiece with the world. 

On one of my visits in 2017, I met Mbarka, a renowned weaver and we decided to collaborate as partners by forming a small group that's comprised of women to help support their families and community. We started with 3 weavers making an average of 1 rug per month. After three years, we have successfully scaled up and now have 28 hands weaving our elegant rug and are now supporting 14 families and more than 50 lives.

My love to design, art and marketing has enabled me to help the women in the area to share our loved rugs with the whole world. 

We are happy to provide the highest quality custom handmade Moroccan rug. 





 Nassim and Mbarka