choosing the perfect sire for my Rug

How To Choose The Perfect Rug Size

A rug that doesn't go with a space or doesn't fit properly can ruin the entire aesthetic of the room. This is why it is important to have just the right rug size.

However, it should also be strategically placed so that it brings the entire room together and makes it complete. Here are a few ways you can choose the perfect rug size for a variety of rooms. 


Many people make the mistake of leaving the entire space empty and just keeping a rug in one portion of the room. Although it should always cover some parts of your bed so it can be the point of focus.

Furniture On The Rug

The first option is to keep the rug below the furniture. This includes the bed and nightstands. Remember that the rug should not extend towards your dresser and it should only cover the bed and the area around it. It is best to let the rug extend 18 to 24 inches past the bed.

Bed On The Rug 

Another option is to just place the rug beneath your bed without it covering your nightstands or any other piece of furniture. For this, an 8 x 10 rug is an ideal choice for queen-sized beds and 9 x 12 for a king-sized bed.  

Rug On Each Side 

You can place the rug on each side of the bed without it being beneath the bed or the nightstands. To maintain the aesthetic remember that the rug shouldn't be too wide. It should just be a little wider than your nightstand.

Dining Room

The shape of your dining table is an important factor in determining the rug that will go with it. Here is one way you can layout the rug to maximise the aesthetic appeal of the dining room.

Furniture On The Rug


The rug should be big enough to cover the entire furniture even when people pull their chairs back. This will provide an even surface and make the room look more cohesive. 

This can be used for both a rectangular and round rug. 

Living Room 

The furniture and shape of the living room will determine the area rug you should go for. However, there are two ways you can use the rug with the furniture. 

Furniture On The Rug

For this, you will require a rug that is big enough to be placed beneath all the furniture. This is an ideal choice when you want to add definition to the living room and unify all your furniture. 

Front Feet On The Rug 

You need a rug for this that is big enough to come under the front legs of all the pieces of furniture. This adds a more modern aesthetic to the entire living room space. 

Final Words 

It is important to keep your budget in mind before choosing the perfect rug for a room. The bugger the rug is, the costlier it will be. This is why keep in mind every factor before deciding to make a purchase that will be affordable and durable.