Our Vision

Our Vision

For a business that has everything to do with art and creativity, it’s easy to understand where the inspiration and vision of our Moroccan rug weaving come from – the love of art. 


The elegantrug.com is a revelation of the ingenious of several Moroccan generations; generations woven in the art of creative beauty, comfort, and luxury. Our aim is more like an inheritance, as it is passed down from decades. It is safe to say we harbour, and project the vision of generations of creative Moroccans. The most frequent designs of the Moroccan rugs are ancient and traditional, passed down from generations of weavers – it's our vision to continue earnestly! 


With that being said, we are keen on promoting the Moroccan rugs beyond its current international reach. Around the world, there exist millions of lifestyles, which can be easily observed in the interior designs of homes. We are intentional about producing our hand-woven rugs to suit a variety of tastes – this reflects on our product page. Almost all major cities in morocco have a unique design or style characteristics that are peculiar in their rugs – our collection of rugs carries these messages.


The Moroccan rugs are internationally known not just for its artistic luxury, but also for the traditional hand-made method. We aim to improve the design of Moroccan rugs while keeping the old and famous Berber style shining. The traditional hand-woven rugs will always be the identity of the Moroccan rugs, but we are invested in creating avenues for this process to be more efficient.

We are more sensitive to the women in rural areas who have made the creation of hand-woven rugs their lifestyle. We support them wholeheartedly to preserve the traditional Moroccan rugs – the culture and quality in particular.

Moroccan rugs popularity has experienced serious growth for its quality and design, and this is something we hold dear at Theelegantrug.com. We deliver around the world, so we are responsible for the experience our customers get for the “Moroccan rug” experience. We have always operated in a way to remains accountable to our customers for our product and service quality. We also encourage customers to personalize their Moroccan rugs by giving us feedback on their order, or by requesting a custom order.

We are producers and promoters of ancient and gracious artistry, now modernized in several expressive patterns appealing to millions. It is our vision to keep the Moroccan rugs as one of the most recognized hand-woven rugs around the world. We also started with the vision to give our customers, especially the first-timers, the most gratifying satisfaction to be gotten from ordering luxurious rugs. We derive motivation from the testimonials of our customers all around the world. 

Our vision is what drives our work. We are all about your satisfaction from one of the most ancient cultures. Order from us today and give your home a befitting elegance!