Top Facts About The Moroccan Rug


At The Elegant Rug, we pride ourselves on providing authentic and artistic Moroccan rugs, that fill your home with their ancient grace and beauty. However, how often does one stop and think about the intricacies and details of an authentic Moroccan rug, and what makes it that much different from any other rug? 


In today’s digital age where we can view products online and have them magically delivered to our doorstep a few days later, it’s easier than ever to forget about the journey, time and artistry that went into weaving an authentic Moroccan rug. 


We’ve taken the time to compile a list of top facts about the Moroccan Rug that you may not have known before. 


  1. Handmade Tapestries

Original Moroccan Rugs are each carefully handwoven tapestries that originate from Morocco. Morocco is known for its rugs and carpets and each rug is individually woven and created by hand. 


  1. An Ancient Art

Did you know that rug weaving started many centuries ago? By including a Moroccan rug in your home, you are making space for a tradition that has been passed along many generations. This adds to the value of your rug, as it is an accumulation of centuries of art, knowledge and technique. 


  1. Different Shapes and Sizes

Although Moroccan rugs often come in various different shapes and sizes, the reasoning behind it goes a bit further than just adding versatility to your interior design. Most Moroccan rugs differ in size based on the region where the rug was handwoven. 






  1. They’re warm

Did you know that Moroccan Rugs are specifically designed with warmth in mind? Toast up your bedroom floor or living room area with your own handwoven rug to cosy up the space. Many rugs are woven high-up in the Atlas Mountains, where warmth is key priority when creating the rugs. 


  1. They’re durable

Moroccan Rugs are known for lasting generations and can quickly become a family heirloom that’s passed along. Made from natural fibres, they’re being durable and easy to clean. With proper maintenance and care, your Moroccan rug could be a great investment. 


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