Beni mrirt area rug is the soul of Moroccan culture. It is a stunning and unusual piece of art. The lovely colors, gorgeous designs, and masterful weaving of the modern Beni mrirt rugs make them tremendously beautiful. 

Beni mrirt Morrocan rugs handcraft in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco using ancient Berber weaving techniques. Expert Moroccan hand weavers use the finest sheep wool to create this piece. This type of wool comes from Morocco's most magnificent sheep. The Moroccan tribes are known as the best rug weavers in the world. It's an ancient skill passed down through her ancestors. Every stitch skillfully crafts by the expert hands of women who trained since birth because weaving is their way of life. These artists have close contact with nature thanks to their entourage.

Beni mrirt Morrocan rugs are upgrading from the Beni ourain rug; they are thick and silky compact with dense and generous knots to give them many years of use. It is handwoven of 100% premium wool and natural dyes that make it feel smooth and soft. This wool is colored naturally using an ancient method that requires skill, effort, and time.

This piece of art will keep your feet warm and make your room glorious. It can give any space a new life while also serving as a symbol of joy and grace.

This lovely Beni mrirt area rug is soft and pleasing, giving your home a luxurious feel. It displays unique home decor for any room having a different pattern with a majestic color combo. It is eye-catching and provides a touch of class and style to any space. Each rug has a meaningful design and comes up with a reflection of art which makes it exceptionally beyond compare and beautiful. These rugs' designs convey deep visuals and beautiful emotions. It is the final touch you are looking to fulfill in your interior design.

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VINTAGE Handmade rug / 10,17 x 5,58
  • $1,599.00
FERIEL- Moroccan Rug - Size 3,09 x 1,52 m / 10,1 x 5,0 ft
  • $765.00
  • From $450.00
KASBAH - Vintage Moroccan Rug - 296 x 208 cm / 9,7 x 6,8 ft
  • $7,000.00
  • $3,500.00
DAHBIA - Moroccan Rug - Size 2,62 x 1,83 m / 8,6 x 6,0 ft
  • $765.00
  • From $450.00
MOUNTAIN - Moroccan Rug - Size 1,8 x 2,5 m / 5,9 x 8,2 ft
  • $765.00
  • From $450.00