Vintage Moroccan rugs are an imitation of a previous golden era, sprinkle with a modern touch that makes them distinct and alluring. They are notable for their quality, style, and elegance. It is an ancient culture art that evolves in designs and patterns but still retains its uniqueness, beauty, and originality. These rugs are so beautiful that they go beyond the artistic norm.


Vintage Moroccan rugs are handwoven in the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco. It is well-known for producing the best quality sheep wool in the world. These rugs are handwoven by professional craftswomen where the skill passes from their ancestors. Each Berber woman wove her "map of life" into the rug's motif design using premium wool and natural dyes. This ancient technique requires a lot of effort and time to achieve a flawless finish with dense and generous knots that will last for years and remain pleasant on your feet.


Vintage area rugs have a variety of metric and zigzag patterns in several color palettes. The geometric motifs, little details, and tribal symbols on a colored background make it simple, elegant, and beautiful. It is the true manifestation of the Berber woman's creativity, embracing all her intuition, expertise, and techniques.


Vintage area rugs are used as a centerpiece or fill any space that brings more charm, vibes, and style to your decor. These designs consist of densely interwoven patterns on a plain background, creating a rich creative expression. This work of art will bring comfort and visual pleasure to your home or working space. These handmade rugs are the most desirable in today's world for creating a gorgeous touch in any room. 


If you are looking for vintage Moroccan rugs for sale, these rugs might be the right choice for you. It fits wonderfully in the living room, bedroom, or any other space that needs some color and value for a stunning effect. Vintage rugs come in a wide range of colors, styles, shapes, and sizes. You can choose to get the best fit for your specific requirements.

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Berber Vintage Rug
  • $1,650.00
Southwestern Moroccan Rug
  • $1,500.00
  • $950.00

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The Green Beni Mguild Vintage
  • $2,400.00
The Modern Moroccan Gray Rug
  • $2,200.00
  • $1,500.00
The Moroccan Modern Rug-Purple Gray Shade
  • $2,300.00
  • $1,800.00
Vintage Authentic Moroccan Handmade Rug
  • $4,000.00
  • $3,500.00
Vintage Beni Mguild Zayane
  • $3,900.00
  • $3,200.00
Vintage Tribal Berber Rug
  • $2,300.00
  • $1,700.00

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Handmade Vintage Blue Tribal Rug
  • $980.00
Bohemian Moroccan Vintage Rug
  • $1,000.00
  • $700.00
Berber Vintage Rug - Green & Black
  • $5,000.00
  • $3,800.00
Antique Berber Rug
  • $2,600.00
  • $1,800.00