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Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the different types of Moroccan rugs?

  • Azilal - High Atlas. Azilal rugs often tell stories through their use of bold colours and patterns. ...
  • Boujad - Central Plains. ...
  • Beni Ourain - Middle Atlas. ...
  • Beni Mguild - Middle Atlas. ...
  • Boucherouite - All Tribes. ...
  • Kilim 


Can you vacuum a Moroccan rug?

The longevity of the rug will be extended if dirt is removed regularly. The rug shouldbe shaken outside, at least once a week, until all dirt has been removed. If shaking the rug outside is impractical it can be vacuumed, preferably with a hand held vacuum, slowly from side-to-side so as not to damage the fibres.

How much should you pay for a rug?
How much can you expect to spend on a rug? The price varies, as with most home decor pieces, depending on the quality, materials, and size. Quality rugs will, generally speaking, start at around $400 and can go all the way up to $10,000 and even farmore for a very high end, luxury rug